The Skillman Foundation Issues $1.5M Call for Collaboration

The Skillman Foundation is inviting proposals to fund out-of-school learning and development programs for Detroit youth. Awards will range up to $200,000 for a one-year grant term. Different from the Foundation’s previous youth development RFPs is a requirement that nonprofit organizations applying for the funding must do so in partnership with at least one other entity, whether it be another nonprofit or a school, government agency or department, library, etc.

“Children thrive when they have a strong network of caring adults in their community. The Call for Collaboration is a way to strengthen Detroit’s youth support system,” said Skillman Foundation Program Director David McGhee. “Detroit has many tremendous organizations working on behalf of children in our city, including out-of-school program providers. Supporting partnerships between youth-serving organizations will allow them to strengthen, expand and reach more children.”

To qualify, applicants must combine efforts with a partner organization and deliver year-round programming that take one of either two approaches:

  1. Scaled high-quality activities: A high-quality activity provider could partner with an institution to scale that activity across multiple sites throughout the city to expand access to high-quality activity.
  2. Deep youth engagement: Two or more providers or a provider and an institution with complimentary youth development and/or academic enrichments could partner to create a continuum of youth development programming for a set of youth who will participate consistently over the course of an academic year and summer.

Awardees are to provide services within Detroit, to Detroit youth. Interested organizations working outside of Detroit are welcome to apply when paired with a local organization.

Out‐of‐school programs provide youth the opportunity to build healthy relationships, learn beyond the classroom, and develop personally and professionally. Youth who frequently participate in after school activities are more likely to show greater levels of attention in class, be more engaged in school, and are less likely to develop an inclination for violent or problem behavior. Extracurricular activities also provide students with the facilities and time to pursue interests that they may not be able to pursue at school.

The Call for Collaboration is part of the Skillman Foundation’s strategy to increase out-of-school programming opportunities for Detroit children. The Foundation seeks to support the development of a comprehensive, citywide youth development system that will:

  • Set a citywide vision for youth development, addressing barriers to program participation and increasing access;
  • Create a shared data system to increase coordination, data collection, and outcomes;
  • Create preconditions for public investment by increasing program consistency; and
  • Reach 75 percent of Detroit youth with high-quality youth development and employment opportunities that prepare them, socially and emotionally, to graduate high school and become economically and civically engaged young adults.

How To Apply

Interested organizations can download the full request for proposals instructions here.

To begin the application process, organizations must register on the Skillman Foundation Fluxx portal and access the Pre-Application. In addition, include they must include the following attachments in the “Other Documents” section of the form:

  • Cover letter signed by your executive and board chair (additional upload)
  • Organizational Budget and Board List (additional upload)
  • Current Financial Audit conducted by an independent CPA and Recent Interim Financials
  • Letter of Support from partnering organization(s) (additional upload)
  • Capability Statement (additional upload) (template available below)
  • Youth Development Resource Center agreement (additional upload) (template available below)

The Capability Statement and Youth Development Resource Center Agreement document can be downloaded here.

Pre-applications are due by 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, July 23, 2018

Detroit-based, high-quality early childhood programs seeking funding can also consider the Kresge Foundation’s Detroit ECE Support initiative. To learn more, visit their website.

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