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Our Youth Council

The insights of Detroit youth guide our priorities and strategies. While we solicit youth input in many ways, our Youth Council is a formal structure to do so. Our Youth Council meets regularly with Foundation leadership to discuss issues that are important to them and advise how the Foundation and its partners can better support their needs and aspirations.

2020-2022 Members


The Council meets with Foundation leadership two-to-three times per calendar year, in addition to other engagements and discussions. Terms last for two years. Council members are compensated for their time and are reimbursed for any transportation expenses incurred during their service to the Foundation.

Youth Council Grants

In December 2021, we at The Skillman Foundation set $100,000 dollars on the table for our Youth Council to direct. What happened next was vast research. New ways to talk about impact. Rank-choice voting enacted on the fly. In the end, a group of remarkable organizations was selected—some known, some new—to receive a total of $105,000 in grants. (Yep, you caught that. These young leaders triumphantly advocated for $5k more than what was offered.) We did not do this to teach them how to make grants. We did this to learn from them.