Our Work

Opportunity Agenda for Detroit Children

How are the children? We ask this question, like the Masai Tribe who coined it because we believe that society is only as well as its children.   

So, how are the children?

Here in Detroit, it’s a hard question. Detroit children possess genius. But generations of racial discrimination and disinvestment have eroded the opportunities our young people need to achieve their highest aspirations.  It’s our shared responsibility to ensure all children are provided a strong start. Rather than help kids beat the odds, we must change the odds.

Alongside our grant and community partners, we are advancing an Opportunity Agenda for Detroit Children, working to change the odds by ensuring Detroit youth have equitable opportunities to learn and to lead. To this end, we are focused on strengthening Detroit’s K-12 education, afterschool, and college and career pathways systems.

Areas of Impact

K-12 Education

We support a high-quality system of schools that helps children meet educational milestones and move through life as capable and confident thinkers. Every child should have access to exceptional learning experiences and supportive environments that nurture their brilliance. 


We work with community partners to build a robust system of out-of-school learning opportunities. We want Detroit kids to have enriching experiences that allow them to explore and expand their sense of self and the world under the guidance of caring adults.

College & Career Pathways

We foster an integrated and youth-centered college and career pathways system that provides youth with the experiences, supports, and opportunities needed to follow a path of their choosing, leading us all into a more prosperous and equitable future.

In addition to the primary systems identified above, we are committed to fostering supportive leaders in our neighborhoods, city, region, and state who are committed to working together for meaningful impact and systemic change. Learn more about our Enabling Communities efforts.

Key Indicators

We are committed to monitoring and influencing change on key indicators that demonstrate real progress and change for Detroit youth. More information on these indicators will be available in 2021.

Third-Grade Reading Proficiency

Increased Public Funding for Afterschool

Meaningful High-School Graduation

Youth Perceptions of Hope & Opportunity