Mohammad Muntakim

Mohammad A. Muntakim is a college student, community organizer, and advocate for justice. He is pursuing a career in medicine with the hopes of raising the standards of healthcare in his community.

Mohammad graduated as a valedictorian from Cass Technical High School, located in the heart of Detroit, where he was chosen to deliver the commencement speech. He is majoring in Public Health at Wayne State University with plans to enroll in medical school after completing his undergraduate studies.

In 2018, he launched a campaign urging the Detroit Public Schools Community District to observe the Muslim Holidays of Eid. Through this “DPSCDoff4Eid” campaign, he envisioned a district that acknowledges the diversity that exists within the Detroit community. Through a lot of hard work and effort from the community, DPSCD now observes the Eid Holidays in it academic calendar.

To continue the efforts of the Eid campaign, Mohammad helped launch, and now serves as a co-director of, Detroit’s Muslim Youth Council with 482Forward, an education organizing network in Detroit where he also serves as a program manager.

Mohammad was born in Bangladesh and raised in Detroit, Michigan. His parents moved to America when he was young with the hopes of providing a better life for their children. He now still resides in “Banglatown” in the city of Detroit with his parents, grandmother, and two younger siblings.