Mathias Neloms

Mathias Neloms (12) is a Detroiter who loves his city. He and his family spend a lot of time exploring Detroit and learning what’s special about the city along with things that need to be changed. Mathias is not yet sure what he wants to do in life (maybe a teacher like his dad or a sports doctor) but making the city a place where all kids feel safe and grow to love it the way he does are his main goals. Mathias is currently a member of the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy, the University of Michigan’s Wolverine Pathways program, a member and volunteer at Rosedale Park Baptist Church, and learns with other families through Co-Op in the City, a homeschool cooperative on the west side of Detroit.

Besides playing ball and video games, he enjoys baking, reading, spending time with his extended family, traveling and history. Mathias teaches elementary African & African American history in his co-op and, in 2019, placed fifth in the country in the National History Bee. As a part of The Skillman Foundation’s President’s Youth Council, Mathias wants to focus on creating ways for youth to express what’s most important for them as Detroiters and learn which resources are available to young people to help bring about a higher quality of life for all.