Introducing The Skillman Visionary Awards

Give Merit, Inc.


We will be serving our alumni group who have had an especially hard couple years:
The HS Class of 2020 had their year cut short finishing it online and being forced to make life-changing decisions amidst an uncertain world. They then spent their first year in college learning online and bound to their rooms mostly.
The HS Class of 2021 had their junior year cut short causing critical testing to be pushed back and invaluable class time to be missed. Additionally they also spent their senior year learning online and going through the college application and selection process the same way.

The need to provide a consistently safe, supportive, and resourceful environment is very high. Many of our students experienced mental health challenges, academic hardship, and personal loss and trauma. We will be facilitating the following activities and approaches to support wellness:
– Providing an Alumni Success Coach to each student and closely monitoring communication and behavior changes
– Holding 6 workshops per year to address post-secondary challenges and opportunities (i.e. resume building, personal finance, mindfulness, support)
– Having 2 Alumni Summits – 1 overnight and 1 day-long
o Students are provided travel & lodging accommodations as needed
o Opportunities to network with one another and prospective employers
o Interviewing & job placement
– Sending care packages
– Offering opportunities for scholarship dollars and monetary incentives