Introducing The Skillman Visionary Awards

The Yunion


A one-day offsite (local) health and wellness retreat for 25 Yunion staff members will kick off our Community and Staff Health and Wellness Initiative. We will select a serene, aesthetically pleasing setting that will ensure a calm and pleasant atmosphere. It will include:

Meditation and breathing classes
Trauma-informed care training
Introduction to Inception brain training – Inception is a company that focuses on a unique approach to mind-body alignment and stress relief using Magnetic Resonance Therapy, Brain Training, and Flotation Therapy and other proven therapies designed to improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation, promote emotional resilience and vitality, and provide other benefits.

At this retreat, service providers for each service outlined above will present their services and detail the benefits; and staff will have the opportunity to sample each service and to sign up for their preferred service offerings throughout the 12 month initiative.

During the proposed 12-month period, staff will have a Health & Wellness Package that includes:
1. Access to services provided by Inception (1 session per staff member) as well as bi-monthly group training (Mental Health Awareness and Trauma-Informed Care) and individual counseling (each staff member will be able to access up to five sessions) designed to prepare them and sustain them as they provide our ongoing youth and family services with the added challenge of helping our youth and parents recover from trauma even as they deal with the emotional after-effects of COVID.
2. Monthly massage therapists and healthy living workings, including healthy cooking/eating.
3. Stipends for gym memberships (6 mos.), yoga sessions (monthly), and virtual fitness classes (bi-weekly).
4. Access to individual therapists on an as-needed basis–up to five sessions per staff member.

FOR YUNION YOUTH PARTICIPANTS/FAMILIES (Sessions will be virtual initially moving to in-person as state/local guidelines recommend/permit)
1. Monthly training sessions on trauma-informed approaches to parenting
2. Mental Health Awareness Training – will offer 5 sessions throughout the year to accommodate as many parents/youth as possible.
3. Parental Advisory Training–our focus will be trends in media/social media in light of impact on youth risk behaviors as well as mental health. Five sessions will be offered.
4. Healthy Peer Relationship classes – to prepare youth for face-to-face interactions as in-person school is implemented. We will offer these classes monthly.
4. A “Family Fun Night” later in the 12-month period in-person if local/state guidelines indicate that we can execute such an event safely.