Economic Well-Being

Youth Employment – Our Approach

The Skillman Foundation began working on efforts to increase employment opportunities for Detroit youth in 2008 as a response to surveys of neighborhood youth who overwhelmingly reported having few job options to obtain or aspire to. Since then, the Foundation’s investments have expanded from a small pilot project to create 300 summer jobs for youth, to establishing a youth employment consortium, to helping establish and expand Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, a citywide program that connects more than 8,000 youth with jobs each summer.

Youth Employment is one of three approaches we’re taking to expand prosperity for Detroit youth. Read about our other two approaches: College & Career Pathways and Financial Empowerment.

The Skillman Foundation

A voice for children since 1960, the Skillman Foundation works to ensure that Detroit youth have access to high-quality educational and economic opportunities and a strong, broad network of champions that work on behalf of young people’s interests.

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