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President’s Youth Council speak on mayor’s State of City Address

We support Detroit youth in understanding and exercising their power to create change in education systems and policies. On the approach of Detroit’s State of the City (SOTC) address we invited two of our President’s Youth Council members to get in on the conversation. We asked them to watch the SOTC closely and listen for key issues that they care about personally. Here’s what stood out to them.

The Council members were excited and proud as Detroiters to learn about the growth and intentionality being championed in Detroit.

Ryan Mallory said, “While I listened to the speech, I was quite clear that Mayor Duggan cares about our youth and loves our city.”

Ryan mentioned that he was proud of Detroit City Council and the mayor working to create opportunities like the Detroit Promise, which offers a tuition-free path to higher education and trade school for eligible high school seniors who attended a Detroit school and live in Detroit.

“Listening to Mayor Duggan, you could hear and feel how proud and passionate he is about the growth of Detroit,” Ryan added.

“I hope everybody continues to work hard to set up new places,” Khyiana Tate noted, referring to the development happening all around the city to curate inviting and engaging spaces for Detroiters.

Still, they wanted to hear more about youth.

Khyiana said, “I want to see more young people in Detroit own businesses, have good jobs and help support each other.”

“I think Mayor Duggan could have elaborated more on the importance of preparing and educating our youth at an earlier age,” Ryan said.

Find out how our President’s Youth Council has been contributing to the growth of Detroit by impacting education policy efforts.

Tyler Parlor

Tyler Parlor is a storyteller and community builder who is dedicated to amplifying community voice and promoting belonging in civic engagement for America’s historically marginalized communities.

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