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Gen Z Changes the Game at 2023 Mackinac Policy Conference

On Wednesday, May 31, our President & CEO Angelique Power moderated a conversation at the 2023 Mackinac Policy Conference with three panelists: Evamelo Oleita, youth organizer, co-founder of Black Lives Matter In All Capacities and Skillman Foundation President’s Youth Council Member; Imani Harris, youth education activist and communications lead of 482Forward; and Speaker Joe Tate, Michigan’s first Black Speaker of the House who represents the diverse 10th House District. The session was entitled, “How Gen Z is Changing the Game from Strategy to Policy.”  

This is the second year The Skillman Foundation has brought young changemakers to Michigan’s most influential policy event. At the 2022 Mackinac Policy Conference, our Gen Z panelists put out a call to action for leaders across sectors to include Generation Z in their strategy making. This year we shared the impact Gen Z’ers had across southeast Michigan through our Gen Z Design Sessions that were born directly from this.

Generation Z is the largest generation in the U.S. with expansive ideas and influence, and in Michigan, they are linking arms with leaders across sectors to create a vibrant future.

Our 2023 session discussed Gen Z’s ideas and growing influence on education policy and how Michigan leaders can work together to move toward the future they, and we, deserve.

Watch the session:

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The Skillman Foundation is a grantmaking organization established in 1960 by Rose Skillman. We have granted out more than $730 million and have served as a vocal advocate to strengthen K-12 education, afterschool programming, child-centered neighborhoods, youth and community leadership, and racial equity and justice.

We are in the process of developing a new strategic framework, co-designed with Detroit youth and their champions.

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