Introducing The Skillman Visionary Awards

Gen Z Design

Generation Z is changing the way life is lived, business gets done, and the world is run. Today’s 13–26 year olds have been shaped by a global pandemic, political and social unrest, threats to our environment, and more – and they’re taking it all on. This generation is activated by hope, compassion, and conviction to make change happen. And they’ve got the ideas to back it up.

Are you ready to listen and be changed?
Organizations across Michigan are saying YES.

The Skillman Foundation connected corporate and civic organizations with Gen Z strategists who offer fresh ways of approaching stubborn issues.

Explore takeaways from these Gen Z Design Sessions.

How it started: Need Strategic Help? Ask Gen Z

At the 2021 Mackinac Policy Conference, three President’s Youth Council alumni – Mohammad Muntakim, Logan Newman, and Jeremiah Steen – made history as the youngest presenters in the conference’s history. They put out a call to action for companies, government offices, and community organizations across Michigan to engage Gen Z in their strategic planning. See where it all began here.

The Detroit Pistons asks how they can tap in to the next generation

Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce asks how they can be a resource to young entrepreneurs

The City of Detroit Department of Neighborhoods asks how youth can be involved in neighborhood beautification

Kapor Center bridges the digital divide with youth at the center

Detroit Horse Power explores the power of youth-driven, asset-framed narratives

Life Remodeled asks youth to assess their offerings