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From Detroit to Mackinac: President’s Youth Council Reflections

Earlier this year, in June of 2022, three Skillman President’s Youth Council members – Jeremiah Steen, Logan Newman, and Mohammad Muntakim – took the Mackinac Policy Conference stage as the youngest presenters in the history of the conference.

Three young Detroiters captured the attention of an audience full of influential political, business and community leaders across the state. They talked about the dreams of Detroit youth and how their generation, Gen Z, is ready to take the lead.

What many did not see, however, was the preparation prior to the conference that Jeremiah, Logan, and Mohammad did to make sure that, while it was only three of them traveling from Detroit to Mackinac, they were bringing their communities with them.

Watch this video to hear their reflections about this journey:

Read more reflections from Jeremiah Steen here.

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