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60 Examples of Detroit Genius: 21-30

Detroit youth possess genius. Their talent comes in all forms: academics, arts, sports, service to the community, and more.

To celebrate Detroit genius, we asked the community-at-large to let us know of young people who astonish and inspire.

Here, we highlight honorees 21 through 30.

Devon Pettus

Age: 14
Genius: Football Star

A team player who is celebrated by his coach and fellow Detroit PAL teammates for putting in hard work on and off the field.

Dominic Porter

Age: 14
Genius: Award-Winning Artist

Dominic has won several awards for his art, including two honorable mentions, nine Gold Keys, and two Silver Keys in Regional and National Scholastic Art Awards.

Ed Brown

Age: 20
Genius: Squash Mentor

Ed has played with Racquet Up Detroit since fifth grade and now mentors younger players in the program, all while attending Albion College.

Elise & Avril Moore

Avril (left) & Elise (right)

Age: 17
Genius: Artists & Animators

These twins are celebrated artists and designers who have showcased their work around the city.

Gael Gomez

Gael (third from right) with his chess team

Age: 14
Genius: Prolific Puzzle Solver

Gael uses his intellect to solve logic puzzles, win chess championships, and fuel his drive to be an engineer.

Hailey Wadley

Age: 7
Genius: Cheer & Dance Champion

With the Metro Cheer and Dance All-Star Cheer Team, Hailey has competed and won at the local and national levels.

Isabelle Griffin

Age: 7
Genius: Superb Storyteller

Isabelle is a gifted storyteller who works hard to write captivating narratives.

Jaaden Hines

Age: 14
Genius: Master Videographer

Jaaden’s films inspire and uplifts his peers at Detroit Horse Power.

Jamya Kennedy

Age: 18
Genius: Volleyball Star

Jamya credits volleyball with helping her achieve academic accolades and obtaining several internships while in high school.

Kaleb Waterman

Age: 23
Genius: Music Producer

As a pianist and music producer, Kaleb is recognized nationally for his unique style and the Detroit flavor he brings to his music.

Video by Jeff Tabb; Music by Kaleb the Intern

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