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Let’s Talk: Youth Mental Health & COVID

COVID has had a tremendous effect on the world, and that impact is felt deeply by young people. From transitioning to online school to losing loved ones to a lack of socialization, COVID has severely disrupted youth’s lives and has taken a toll on their mental health and well-being. But in Detroit, local nonprofits have worked hard to care for the mental health of kids and teens and found new, creative ways to reach them and provide the resources and supports they need.

Join program officer Terry Whitfield as he talks with Laura Bakosh of Inner Explorer and Kiesha Jackson of Caleb’s Kids about what their organizations are doing to support youth mental health during the pandemic.

Then, hear young person Tykesha Boyer of Local Circles discuss the results of youth-led research on teen mental health and how they are coping during this time, along with her suggestions for how adults can better support youth mental health moving forward. Read more about Tykesha’s research here.

Terry Whitfield

Terry Whitfield was a partnership manager of Policy & Systems, supporting youth-centered education policy and systems change. He departed from the Foundation in April of 2024.

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