Community & Youth Leadership – Our Approach

Detroit residents – including youth – should have the ability to actively shape their lives, neighborhoods and communities. To this end we support:

  • Platforms that enable community leaders to build their networks and leadership skills
  • Pipelines for new community leaders that provide ongoing growth opportunities
  • Opportunities for young people to exercise their voice and develop leadership skills
  • Adults’ capability to support young leaders
  • Residents’ ability to collect, access, and evaluate data in order to inform and assess changemaking strategies

This approach continues the Foundation’s commitment to fostering a network of caring adults who are committed to putting children first in practice and policy.

Community & Youth Leadership is one of three approaches we’re taking to build a more equitable Detroit. Read about our other two approaches: Safety and Youth Development.

The Skillman Foundation

A voice for children since 1960, the Skillman Foundation works to ensure that Detroit youth have access to high-quality educational and economic opportunities and a strong, broad network of champions that work on behalf of young people’s interests.

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