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Rising Detroit artist, Miranda Kyle, shares her inspiration for The Skillman Foundation’s new website banner

Art for me has always served as an outlet for self-expression and allowed me to speak my truth when I felt I could not. It allowed me to evaluate my past, live freely in my present, and to expand my future. Art has allowed me to rediscover and transform who I am numerous times; being able to challenge my own principles and ideals by stepping out of my comfort zone through new mediums as well as diverse subjects.

I did not realize how much art would influence my day-to-day life until I pursued a higher education in it. College introduced me to so many other artists and their processes. I even changed mediums entirely from standard graphite drawings to full-fledged watercolor installations and even digital illustrations. There were so many creatives that helped forward my journey, inspired me to pursue certain ventures and even gave me opportunities I never imagined for myself. Art has allowed me to connect with so many different people and places, one of which being The Skillman Foundation.

Artwork by Miranda Kyle published on The Skillman Foundation’s home page, January 2023.

Skillman and I have been frequent collaborators. Our most recent collaboration is their website banner, highlighting youth, youth power, community, diversity, environmentalism, and more. At the center of the piece is a group of multicultural young adults holding a Progress Pride banner with the words “Youth Power” on it. I paid special attention to this part of the banner basing it off my work with The Skillman Foundation and seeing how community-based their efforts are and how youth are leading their way.

Throughout my college experience community was so important for me, and I think as people get older our third place between home and work becomes that place of belonging for us. For people to learn how powerful they are together and how much they can improve one another at an earlier age is extremely beneficial in the long run. In this illustration I intentionally depicted differences in wardrobe choices, ethnic groups or practices, bodies, even things like different hair textures and stylings. I made a heavy emphasis on acceptance which to me is a pillar in community building. Art has been a second voice for me, and it has allowed me to speak volumes about the topics that truly matter to me. I am so glad that Skillman helped amplify my voice and my message with this illustration.

See more of Miranda’s work at mirandakyle.com (@cupcakebombb).

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