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2022 Call for Nominations: President’s Youth Council 

The Skillman Foundation works to ensure Detroit youth have the tools and supports they need to be the designers of their destinies. We invest in their formal and informal education; in experiences that help them learn about the world and about themselves. And we help to amplify the voices of young people. 

Naturally, our most important advisers are Detroit youth.  

We look to our President’s Youth Council to provide perspectives on the issues they see as most important to Detroit kids. Their insights guide our priorities and strategies. 

“The Skillman President’s Youth Council is a space where your voice and opinions about important issues in Detroit are heard and you can do something about it. It’s an opportunity to be proactive in the community and bring light to people who are also doing so.” -Joelle, Current President’s Youth Council Member

Who is The Skillman Foundation?  

We are a private foundation founded by Rose Skillman. Rose didn’t have any children of her own, but she loved kids. She founded The Skillman Foundation in 1960 and left her fortune to it. Over the past 62 years, this money grew and gave, with approximately $700 million granted to date to schools and nonprofits that support kids. And it keeps going. We keep at it, asking Detroit youth: What do you need? What do you want your future to look like? And what can we do to help?  


  • The Council will consist of 10-15 youth who are: 
    • Between the ages of 12-21
    • Current residents of Detroit
    • A diverse range of ages, races, genders, abilities, interests, neighborhoods, schools, etc.
  • Council members are expected to:
    • Attend all required in-person meetings (up to 12 per year) (Note: Transportation is not provided but transportation costs are factored into compensation)
    • Serve a two-year term
    • Fully engage in the Council’s discussions and work
    • Members will be financially compensated for their time
  • Council Members will:
    • Discuss issues and ideas that are significant to them and their peers.
    • Influence the Foundation’s work as a grantmaker and changemaker in Detroit.
    • Gather insights and feedback from other young people.
    • Have opportunities to participate in various events and activities outside of regular meetings.
    • Grow their leadership skills and network through the program, helping them expand their influence and voice beyond their involvement with the Foundation


  • August 18: Call for Applications Opens 
  • September 16: Deadline to Submit Applications  
  • September – October: Application Review + Interviews 
  • November: Council Members Notified of Selection 
  • January: Inaugural Council Meeting & Orientation 

Nomination Process 

  • All nominations are due on Friday, September 16, 2022 at 5:00 pm EST.  
  • Youth can either be nominated by someone else or can nominate themselves.  
  • Nominations can be submitted online or via email  
    • Online Applications: Click here for the PYC online application form.
    • Email Applications: Click here for the hard copy of the PYC application form. Email to Jessica Eiland Anders at  

Questions? Contact Jessica Eiland Anders at or 313-393-1169.

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