How We Work

As an endowed philanthropy, we’re able to be both steadfast and nimble in our response. We take on big systemic issues that hinder Detroit youth while staying attuned to the most pressing issues they face at any given point in time. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to accelerate progress on their behalf and for partners who share a vision of equity in schools and outside of them.

As grantmakers, we hold an ambition for children that outweighs what our dollars alone can accomplish. To this end, we keep good company, developing relationships with all who will put the interests of children first. We also build and leverage social capital to influence change. As some say, we “punch above our weight.” That’s the power of Detroit love.


We invest in organizations and leaders who meaningfully impact the lives of children. We seek grant partners who are world wise and Detroit smart, possessing both a deep understanding of their field and of the Detroit community, and who are committed to equitable practices.


We work in partnership with a broad swath of individuals and organizations, and we help bring these partners together to collaborate toward a shared vision for Detroit children, with shared data, resources, and goals for meaningful, long-term change.

Youth Voice

We work to ensure young people have opportunities and outlets to express themselves and grow their voices. We amplify their needs, experiences, and insights to audiences of changemakers and influencers who can advocate on children’s behalf.

Learning & Evaluation

We evaluate our work and the work of our partners to make sure our efforts meet our ambitions for Detroit children. We continuously learn from experience and from others’ best practices.