Youth Voice

Detroit children should have a voice in their schools, communities, and world—to not only direct their future, but Detroit’s future.

We create and support opportunities for young people to find their voice, express their perspectives and ideas, and build their leadership skills.

We work to ensure their voice is heard, influencing decisions that affect youth and the next iteration of their city. This goes beyond including young people in dialogue. We build adults’ capacity to effectively engage youth and utilize their input. And we support narrative-building opportunities to ensure young people are viewed as assets and as leaders.   

President’s Youth Council

The insights of Detroit youth guide our priorities and strategies. While we solicit youth input in many ways, our President’s Youth Council is a formal structure to do so. Our President’s Youth Council meets regularly with Foundation leadership to discuss issues that are important to them and advise how the Foundation and its partners can better support their needs and aspirations.

Learn more about our President’s Youth Council.

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