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Tonya Allen: Reflections on the Events at the Capitol

Like many of you, I am still reeling from the sights and sounds in the news yesterday. While the right to peacefully protest is a cornerstone of our country, what occurred yesterday was neither peaceful nor a protest; it was an attempt to subvert and derail our democracy.

This goes beyond elections, candidates, and political parties: This is about the foundation of our country as a nation by the people, for the people, and of the people.

I can’t help but think about our children, who are trying to understand what is happening in our country. Specifically the dissonance between how many of the peaceful protests this summer against the systemic murder of Black Americans was met with violence and how riotous mobs who storm the Capitol causing chaos and death face very little consequence. What messages are we sending to our children? That multi-racial protestors for change should be beaten and arrested? Whereas, white mobs who storm the Capitol should suffer no repercussions? In reality, we are sending a starker message—that deep systemic inequities in our country exists and are being reinforced even at the detriment of our democracy.

We cannot allow this to be the future our kids inherit or believe to be inevitable. We must act now to make sure we create an equitable society. We must act to ensure they feel heard, safe, and confident in the systems that are supposed to protect them and the will of the American people.

I pray for a peaceful resolution to all of this. I pray for the safety and well-being of those in and around Washington DC. But, most of all, I pray that our children will live in a world where justice is served, democracy is upheld, and systems protect the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

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  • Rosa L Sims

    Well said young lady!! Bless your heart.

  • Frank McGhee

    I believe our country embraces racism as an expression of privilege and power. The very systems we seek for capital, hospitalization or property have long been denied to people of color. Policing in America is an expression of those values. Although we await for new leadership to come to power, all of us must do our part to form a more perfect union.

  • Ron Wainwright

    Your article hit it right on the nose. As I was watching what was supposed to be a peaceful protests turn riot, my immediate thoughts were: This is not the example those people need to show their kids. Or this society will never change.

  • Alice Thompson

    Thank you for your voice of wisdom , your equity guidance , your courage to speak truth. Thank you also for consistently reminding us to always consider the impact of words , actions and policies on the lives of our children. I pray that we have the wisdom and courage to always put the needs of our children first.

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