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Upswell Podcast Episode 6: Kim Johnson & Kayla Mason

Our future depends in large part on supporting our young people with resources and experiences to develop into tomorrow’s involved citizens and leaders.

Fortunately, many social good organizations focus on youth development. We were lucky to have three individuals join us on the Upswell Podcast whose nonprofits put the needs of young people in Detroit and Los Angeles communities front and center.

Up first is Derek Aguirre, Executive Director of Racquet Up Detroit. They use the sport of squash as the “hook” to draw youth to their “out of school” mentoring program, which also includes academics and community service.

Detroit youth are also on Kim Johnson’s mind. She is President and CEO of Developing K.I.D.S, which offers enrichment programs for children ages 5-18 in community locations and two area schools. Their work, which engages youth in fun and fit activities, as well as academic and follow-through college and job preparatory support, has been featured in a major Detroit newspaper and local magazine.

Then it’s off to Los Angeles where we talk to Kayla Mason, Director of Expansion at The Future Project. With offices in cities across the country, this organization helps young people build the life and world they imagine.

You’ll hear how these three organizations take different approaches to a shared goal – ensuring that young people of today are prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow.

Ready for episode 7? Listen to it here!

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