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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

To be fierce champions of Detroit children, we know the approaches The Skillman Foundation and its partners take must be mindful of our children’s unique stories and must leverage the input of all who can positively impact their lives. To make these principles visible–to the greater community but also to our team and to our partners as daily guidance for our work—we made our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) explicit.

In 2018, every member of The Skillman Foundation team took part in co-authoring a DEI policy statement. As a guiding principle, the DEI policy statement impacts our decisions at every level, from staffing to partnerships and how our resources are deployed. Our commitment also entails continuous learning and evolution so that we may better live out these values in aspiration of a more equitable future where all Detroit youth have opportunities to lead a prosperous life.   

To celebrate our commitment and our team, Skillman Foundation staff and trustees recently recited our DEI policy statement on video. We hope this serves to inspire others. We invite you to share your comments below.

Video by Jeff Tabb

The Skillman Foundation’s DEI Policy Statement

The Skillman Foundation embraces diversity and authentic inclusion in all areas of our work; we consider this a prerequisite for positive social change. As a guiding principle, it impacts our decisions at every level from staffing to partnerships and how our resources are deployed.

We understand that we work in a context defined by inequities that are as present as the air we breathe. Therefore, we must confront the drivers of inequality and redesign systems with those who have been historically marginalized.

We are driven to create a community where all Detroiters – especially youth – are valued, heard and mobilized in the service of opportunity and prosperity for all.

The Skillman Foundation

A voice for children since 1960, The Skillman Foundation is a private philanthropy that serves as a fierce champion of Detroit children. The Foundation works to ensure Detroit youth achieve their highest aspirations by strengthening K-12 public education, afterschool learning opportunities, and college and career pathways.

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