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K-12 Education

New Technology, New Learning

Lisa Murray

This blog was originally published by Teach313.

When I asked my students what excited them about this time of the year, many of them had the same answer: spring break! While many students — and teachers — look forward to the much-needed downtime of breaks, I have been inspired by a new development that’s been growing in my classroom and across our district. Last fall, Detroit Public Schools Community District launched a new curriculum.

What you may not have seen in the news coverage surrounding the new curriculum is that DPSCD schools are becoming one-to-one technology schools. My school, Munger Elementary-Middle School, is among them.

I am having a great time learning the programs and sharing what I have learned with my colleagues. It has created a greater comradery among the staff. I am excited to be using this technology and am super excited to see myself, my colleagues, and my students master it in due time.

As my classroom continues to become an (almost) paperless room, the students have enthusiastically converted to working on computers. After all, they’re a generation steeped in advancing technologies; it only makes sense for their schools to get with the times and “tech up.”

It has been a tremendous undertaking to learn a new curriculum and develop ways to incorporate technology in my classroom, but I have never had a more rewarding year.

The future of Detroit is in our classrooms. My colleagues and I are devoted to ensuring our future — our students — have the technologies and supports they need to forge ahead.

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