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Self-Care for Adults who Serve Kids

This event took place on May 6, 2021. Watch the full webinar below.

Join with likeminded peers to reflect on the importance of personal wellness. Learn tips and techniques to help give yourself grace, carve out personal time, and reenergize.

This gathering is a space for all who love and lead children to come together. As fervent advocates for kids, we pour our hearts and energies into our work. Often, our motivation comes from a very personal place or history. And yet, we can lose ourselves in our service to others.

We’ll hear from a panel of speakers about their self-care journeys: Nicholas Brown, principal at the Academy of the Americas; Erin Wills, principal of Detroit Leadership Academy; and Kimberly Johnson, founder and president of Developing K.I.D.S. Then, we will break out into small group discussions so you can connect with peers and share what’s on your mind.

Self-care is about you. But it also impacts others, allowing you to be a stronger leader and rock for those who depend on you. Get a jump start: Read about how Detroit principals have incorporated self-care into their lives and leadership.

Carmen Kennedy-Rogers

Dr. Carmen Kennedy-Rogers is the director of Ground Building, supporting the power of Detroit youth, educators, and residents to shift education policy and systems change.

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