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Let’s Talk: Youth Safety & Juvenile Justice

All adults who care for kids have one top priority: keeping them safe. Definitions of what safety means vary widely. Families, educators, mentors, and others all work hard to creating loving, caring, and secure environments for kids to learn and thrive. This not only means caring for their physical and mental well-being, but also creating programming and efforts to keep our young people out of the justice system, as well as increasing their opportunities to pursue college and career pathways once they exit the justice system.

Associate program officer Matt Hoerauf got insights from two Detroit youth—Omar Gonzalez-Rivera and DeAnna Shamily—about what makes them feel safe and from two Detroit organizations—the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation and the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program—working to keep young people safe and out of the juvenile justice system.

Full recording will be available soon.

Matthew Hoerauf

Matt Hoerauf, program manager, supports the Foundation’s Strategic Initiatives.

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