Introducing The Skillman Visionary Awards

Detroit Education Narrative Collective

The Skillman Foundation and 482Forward are teaming up to form a Detroit Education Narrative Collective. This is a collection of storytellers who want to use their craft to defend and improve K-12 public education, and who care deeply about Detroit youth.

The DEN Collective will meet monthly from September 2024 – August 2025.

Learn how storytelling and narrative can influence education systems change

Co-create a shared, positive narrative that inspires support for, and transformation of, K-12 public education

Produce stories of Detroiters who know firsthand what’s needed to upgrade the education system into one that is exceptional and equitable

Logo design by Nia McKanders (@ninako__chan)

Halfway through the year, funding will be made available to support members’ storytelling projects. Members of the DEN Collective can apply for up to $5,000 in funding to produce stories that tie to the narrative co-created by the collective.

Applications to join the Detroit Education Narrative Collective are open from April 29-June 9.


  • Applicants must be 18 years old or older.
  • 10-12 storytellers will be selected.
  • We are open to multiple forms/mediums of storytelling (i.e. written, video, music, etc).
  • K-12 public education defined here encompasses both Detroit Public Schools Community District and charter schools.

April 29-June 9: Applications Open
July: Invitations Extended
August: Social Mixer for Members

Sept 2024 – Aug 2025: DEN Collective Sessions
Once a month, 3 hours per session

Questions? Contact:
Natalie Fotias, The Skillman Foundation:
Imani Foster, 482Forward:

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