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10 Reasons Why You Should Teach In Detroit

1. The Kids

Our kids are inspiring, resilient, curious, and diverse. They’ll challenge you, but they’ll also embrace you. Our kids don’t lack aptitude, just access–they deserve the best education.

“I have learned more from the kids than maybe they have learned from me” – Ms. Stevens, High School Science Teacher


2. Be a Part of a Movement

“Detroit is big enough to matter in the world and small enough for you to matter in it.” ― Jeanette Pierce

Detroit is a close-knit big city. There are so many things happening right now, but this is only the beginning. How many chances do you get to say you were a part of the rebirth of a great American city?


3. Detroit Is A Comeback City

Joe Louis fist statue in downtown Detroit

Everybody loves an underdog story. But here’s the thing, we’re not an underdog. We’ve got everything a city needs to be great. The world is finally realizing what we always knew. Detroit is special. We’ve been through a lot, but now it’s time to dig in and be a part of the change as it happens.


4. The Energy “Ain’t no Energy like Detroit Energy”

Simply put, we’re dope all the way around. We’re a town where a massive bicycle movement (Slow Roll) can be born on the same streets that put the whole world on wheels. We’re always rolling and always pushing forward.  We can go from solo jit to a group hustle in zero seconds flat. That’s how movements happen here.

In the words of famed Detroit Poet Big Sean, “If you a real one, you know how to bounce back.”


5. It’s challenging in a way that helps you grow


We’re not here to pretend that teaching is easy. In fact, it’s not supposed to be. In what other profession do you have to be a mentor, politician, educator, and secretary? Teaching will push you, inspire you, and help you grow in ways you never thought possible. Add Detroit energy to that and you will be changed for the better forever.


6. You can have experiences and memories unlike anywhere else

#RIPtotheQueen #DetroitMemories #DetroitQueens

You make a lot of unique memories in a city known for making history. Detroit is at the unique intersection between heading towards the future and preserving a legacy. As we mold the next generation we get to make memories that will impact the next generation of leaders.


7. In Detroit, you can make a real difference

Students in Zach Sweet’s AP Computer Science Principles class

Detroit’s youth need champions. They need advocates that know how smart, creative, and active they can be when given the opportunity.


Quan’s hip-hop Literacy to Engage Students

Zach’s Doubling the number of African American Students in Computer Science.

Despite a history of complication, the future is looking bright.


8. Support from businesses and organizations create amazing opportunities

Mayor Duggan greets attendees at a GDYT kickoff breakfast
Kickoff breakfast for Grow Detroit’s Young Talent

Detroit has a unique public, private, nonprofit community. Everyone is aligned around supporting the city’s come back. All of this investment, time and money, is creating a unique opportunity for the community to get engaged. With education on the radar, educators are valuable resources.


9. You can make great connections


This is a great time for networking, pursuing passions, and bringing resources into classrooms where they’re needed. There are new campaigns popping-up around education to make our system more efficient and effective. Become a master teacher, get involved with a nonprofit, or just work with other teachers to learn and grow.


10. Do it for The Culture

Detroit is responsible for more cultural movement than you can count on both hands. Motown. Techno. Rock History. We’re even taking over hip-hop (shout out to Big Sean, Dej Loaf, and T-Grizzley) and let’s not get started on our art and fashion community. Detroit is full of beautiful people doing incredible things. Now we need more dedicated and passionate educators to join the community we have to help bring more bright young minds into the limelight.

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