Jessica Brown

“I was drawn to philanthropy—and specifically The Skillman Foundation—because I wanted to empower all young people to achieve their dreams, not just the privileged few.”

Jessica Brown serves as the Foundation’s grants manager, ensuring compliance with legal, auditing, and Foundation standards.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jessica earned a master’s degree in English in 2014 and moved to Boston, Massachusetts to earn a Ph.D. while teaching writing and literature, tutoring, and coordinating academic support programs at her university.

In 2019, Jessica decided to leave higher education and pursue a career in philanthropy to contribute to positive change for all young people. Now as grants manager at The Skillman Foundation, Jessica combines her commitment to equity, professional background as a teacher and researcher, and a knack for solving puzzles, to ensure efficient and effective grantmaking for the Foundation.

Areas of expertise:
Overseeing the grantmaking process, Fluxx, and grant applications

How I can help partners:
Providing technical and logistical support to partners regarding the grant process, Fluxx, or current grants

Favorite books:
Beloved, Moby-Dick, The Lord of the Rings, and Midnight’s Children

How I reenergize:
Doing jigsaw puzzles, reading, traveling, playing with my puppy, and learning to cook