Community Education Commission

The Community Education Commission is a nonprofit created by the Detroit Mayor’s Office, with a core mission to break down barriers that prevent families and children from accessing quality schools in Detroit. Specifically, the CEC will work to:

  • Break down transportation barriers that prevent families and children from accessing Detroit schools (ex: GOAL line)
  • Build safe, high-quality afterschool programs for Detroit children
  • Provide parents and families with information about schools in Detroit

The CEC’s Board of Directors consists of between 9 and 11 members, appointed by the Mayor of Detroit, who are focused on improving opportunities and outcomes for Detroit children.  Per the CEC’s bylaws, the board will include:

  • One representative from DPSCD administration;
  • One DPSCD teacher;
  • One charter-school operator;
  • One charter-school teacher;
  • One representative from labor unions representing Detroit teachers; and
  • At least one parent of a school-aged Detroit child

The CEC’s initial directors are:

  • Monique Marks, Franklin Wright Settlements, Chair
  • Dr. Nikolai Vitti, DPSCD Superintendent
  • Tonya Allen, Skillman Foundation
  • Marsha A. Lewis, DPSCD Teacher
  • Ralph Bland, Charter Operator
  • Rachel Ignagni, Charter Teacher
  • Nate Walker, American Federation of Teachers
  • Teferi Brent, Detroit 300 and Goodwill Industries
  • Sherita Smith, Grandmont-Rosedale Community Development
  • Vanessa Kessler, Michigan Department of Education
  • Matthew Simoncini, Former President & CEO of Lear Corporation