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Urban Alliance Foundation, Inc.


UA’s job readiness and professional development curriculum is focused on those research-based skills that are required to be successful in the workplace. These include numerous competency areas and skills that indirectly also support mental health, including (1) positive self-concept, (2) self-management, and (3) social skills such as adaptability, teamwork, and relationship building. In partnership with the Georgetown WISE Center and leveraging insights from its Fall 2021 survey, UA will refine its workforce development curriculum to more explicitly teach skills that support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and can also be applied in academic settings, including stress reduction, confidence building, and relationship building.

Training will be delivered to up to 60 Detroit high school seniors enrolled in UA’s High School Internship Program, and will include elements of peer learning and self-reflection. UA anticipates trainings will take place over the course of four, hourlong workshops.

After completing the training, students in the program will be offered an opportunity to serve as “Youth Mental Health and Wellness Ambassadors” for their school or community. This program extension will involve students taking their learnings and developing a plan to share them with peers. Students could host a wellness seminar in their school, create and distribute informational materials, design an art project, produce a video, or come up with their own ideas for community engagement. Students will receive incentives for their participation as Ambassadors, as well as any required supplies and support from their UA Program Coordinator in developing and executing their projects. UA anticipates that these activities will reach up to 500 additional young people.