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InsideOut Literary Arts Project


While the Research period will gather more information around the what and how to provide wellness support to employees, our current conceptualization is to facilitate shared wellness and (re)building activities monthly for core staff and Writers-in-Residence. Activities would be provided for voluntary participation, and incorporated into the workday. We plan to explore a range of wellness activities that may include experiential activities such as: mediation, art therapy or yoga, informational sessions on different wellness options, and team-building activities that focus on communications, conflict resolution, and relationships.

The majority of the budget will be for wellness stipends to be used at the discretion of each employee to meet their needs. InsideOut will communicate the availability, the amount and the range of options for use. Employees can use their wellness stipends in three general areas that we believe will support their overall wellness: 1) for Mind-Body Activities that can be used for activities, such as classes or mental health services; 2) for Artistic Renewal Activities, such as workshops or performances; and 3) for Material Assistance such as rent, groceries or technology needs.