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Developing Kingdoms in Different Stages


Our team wellness plan will be co-created by the team and for the team. We will use the responses from the anonymous team survey for planning in July. The first activity will happen in August of 2021 and the last activity in December 2021. The activities will focus on self and team wellness with the understanding that each member of the team has to be well in order for us to operate effectively as a unit and be our best selves for the youth we serve. The team activities also enforce that each member’s performance affects the performance of the organization and when one is successful, we all are successful.
This funding will also address the wellness of each member personally and professionally to build confidence and joy from feeling capable, qualified and successful to carry out their role in the organization and future opportunities.
The CEO takes on the responsibility to completely plan, manage logistics and host all events and activities to allow the team to fully engage and be present.