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Detroit Food & Entrepreneurship Academy


Monthly Wellness Workshops
Specialized focus area to teach our students (120) and their families about a specific form of fitness and/or self-care.
Held live for anyone in the program who is able to attend
Video recording of workshop for all students and families to access any time
Visual aids, demonstration, and active participation in a variety of fitness modalities to expose youth and families to different forms of exercise
Goal Setting and Mindfulness (Gratitude Journaling, meditation)
Balance + Stability (Yoga, Mobility Workout Class)
Group Workout + Coaching on Goals
Resistance Training (Weights and resistance bands)
Cardiovascular Health (Collaboration with Run313, Live Cycle Delight
Group Workout + Coaching on Goals
Myofascial Tissue Massage (self-massage for pain/stress relief)
Nutrition Focused Workshop
Group Workout + Coaching on Goals
Wellness Day Field Trip – Bike Riding & Rock Climbing
Equipment provided, including: pedometers, free weights, resistance bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, jump ropes, and water bottles

Health and Wellness Coaching, Tips, + Support
Outreach every Monday to students and staff about different health tips & resources to focus on for the week (nutrition, fitness, mental and emotional)
Health and Wellness communication thread for students to ask questions of our staff health coach, express concerns, and look for recommendations on all health related topics
Highlights of Detroit businesses, organizations and opportunities focused on health in the upcoming week to attend.
Group coaching sessions every 3 months to check in on students’ goals

Support for Staff
Health and Wellness check-ins for staff members with health coach throughout the month, focusing on goal setting and support for health outcomes and plans to reach those goals
Providing resources for improved health and accountability for sticking to their goals.
Small, personal stipend for wellness (gym, massage, physical therapy, mental health support/counseling, etc.)