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Through our virtual art therapy program, youth will have the opportunity to connect with a licensed art therapist and other local children their age to create different pieces of art while expressing their own feelings, obstacles, and successes. The trauma that has been brought upon these youth via the pandemic is something that no one in our time has ever faced before, and through artistic expression, it is our hope that these children will be provided with a creative outlet to use to express their frustrations and feelings. Since it can be difficult for children to express their feelings in words, we are creating this virtual art space as a way for them to feel as though they are being heard and to process that trauma that they have experienced this past year. By connecting with other youth and an art therapist, our program aims to reduce the percentage of children with isolation anxiety and other unique anxieties that the pandemic has bestowed upon them. Mental health and working through trauma is an immediate concern for us, given that 92% of art therapists surveyed have reported that their clients have experienced anxiety because of the pandemic. It is our goal to help the youth work through these fears and this anxiety by tailoring an art program for them to have an outlet to do so.

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