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Center for Success recognizes that there are many critical factors that impact a student’s academic attainment, and that wellness is a key component to overall growth and achievement. Not only is it important that students understand how wellness contributes to their success, it is also critical that we model and guide students in strategies that address and improve wellness. To that end, the adults that come into contact with our students must have the tools and clarity to demonstrate wellness too. This project will provide the time, space and capacity for all those that are part of the Center for Success family to take care of themselves, learn strategies that boost wellness, congregate with the community to hone wellness skills, and gain access to resources that can improve social, emotional, physical and mental wellness. Our hope is that carving out this time will ensure our community is aware of the high regard that Center for Success places on wellness.

We have determined a variety of activities and approaches to support wellness for our students, mentors, families and staff, but will use the collected data from surveys to understand which are most necessary to move forward with. The initial ideas include:

– Yoga class vouchers for mentors
– Access to an app (such as headspace or calm) offered to students, mentors, families and staff
– Creating a “Wellness Friday” group that will create a community and offer wellness activities for students virtually. The activities will relate to social, emotional, mental, and physical wellness and will offer ideas that students can continue at home.
– Collaborating with community organizations to provide in person wellness activities on site during our Summer of Success and school year programs.
– Monthly staff wellness meetings for all staff and contract employees with healthy food and childcare provided. Activities may include yoga, hustle and flow, chef cooking experiences, meditation, and outdoor hike/bike days.