Racial Equity & Justice

We enact racial equity within our practices and pursue the understanding and advancement of racial justice to change the odds for Detroit youth. We define racial equity as a level playing field for Black, Brown, and all people of color within current systems and structures. We define racial justice as shifting power to those most negatively impacted by the way things currently are so that they may redesigns systems and structures to benefit all.  

Equity vs. Equality

We call for equity for Detroit kids. Our aim is not that they receive the same as their peers across the region, but in many ways, that they receive different and stronger supports.

To have an equal chance at leading a healthy and prosperous life, Detroit children need equitable supports and resources.

Equity vs. Justice

Our working definition is that equity refers to actions, processes, and practices while justice refers to the outcome or result.

Equity in Action

The Skillman Foundation staff, trustees, youth council, grant partners, and community collaborators represent a diversity of identities, backgrounds, experiences, and thought. This is intentional. An expanse of perspectives and actions are needed to fully understand and address complex social and systemic issues.

We also know that the systems that serve Detroit children won’t do them justice until these systems are specifically designed to support and benefit Black and brown children. And we believe the best designers of systems are people with first-hand knowledge of the needs, obstacles, opportunities, and triumphs. For Detroit’s education system, that means elevating the insights and power of Detroit youth, educators, and community members who care for kids.

Racial Equity Audit

We assess how well we’re enacting racial equity in our organizational policies and practices through an annual Racial Equity Audit. We tracking every penny we spend by race, from our grantmaking to our operations to our endowment. 

Continually Learning and Growing

Below are some of the learning engagements we’ve held with staff, trustees, and community.

Recent Equity Blogs