A great future begins with a great education.

Learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. We strive to strengthen and connect the people, places, and programs that serve Detroit children during and after school hours. Working in collaboration with others, we support Detroit’s K-12 schools and afterschool systems.

We also strive to make an impact on youth beyond high school graduation. Learn more about our commitment to Economic Well-Being.

Our Approach

We're focused on three key approaches to improve education for Detroit kids: 

Beyond Schools - Building community awareness & engagement around student attendance and providing schools with supports needed to reduce chronic absenteeism 

Loving Schools & Communities - Increasing academic proficiency -- particularly in third-grade reading -- and supporting teacher recruitment efforts 

Strong Schools - Strengthening the conditions in which all Detroit schools operate by providing actionable data, supporting educator development and retention, and family & community engagement 

Community Initiatives

Our chief collaborations to advance an Opportunity Agenda for Detroit Youth with community members and allies from the philanthropic, business and government sectors: