Economic Well-Being

We’re committed to expanding the opportunities young people see for themselves after high school graduation.

We work to ensure that Detroit youth are prepared for college, career, and life; That they have the supports and the opportunities needed
to follow a path of their choosing, helping to lead us all into a more prosperous and equitable future.

We also strive to support youth through learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. Learn more about our commitment to Education.

Our Approach

We're focused on two key approaches to ensure that Detroit youth benefit from and contribute to the ever-evolving economy:

College & Career Ready - Helping young people see a world of possibility for their future and have the skills, support, and pathways needed to reach their goals  

Leadership Ready - Supporting efforts that help young people develop and employ leadership skills, influence civic change, and grow societal understanding of the importance of youth leadership


Community Initiatives

Our chief collaborations to advance an Opportunity Agenda for Detroit Youth with community members and allies from the philanthropic, business and government sectors: