Data for Decision Making

To change the odds for Detroit children, The Skillman Foundation, its partners, policymakers, and other stakeholders require accurate and timely data on the well-being of Detroit youth related to the three youth-serving systems we focus on. We rely on and support scholars, evaluators, policy researchers and data intermediaries to provide information and insights that guide our strategies and to measure the impact of our work and the work of others at the local and state levels.

Learn more about some of the data tools we use and support to influence our decision making.

Afterschool Alliance

The Afterschool Alliance provides data that supports access to affordable, quality afterschool programs.

Data Driven Detroit

A repository of data on Detroit and its residents, spanning an array of topics and geographies.

The Education Trust Midwest

EdTrust Midwest aims to close opportunity gaps for Michigan students and provides data on methods and practices to promote high-quality K-12 education across the state.

The Frameworks Institute

The Frameworks Institute is dedicated to using science and data to study how people understand social issues and develops techniques to explain those issues more effectively.

Kids Count Michigan

Supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and hosted by the Michigan League for Public Policy, Kids Count Michigan is part of a national effort to measure child well-being at state and local levels for the purposes of improving children’s lives

State of the Detroit Child

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Created by Data Driven Detroit, State of the Detroit Child is a tool for learning quick facts and statistics about the well-being of Detroit children.