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Three Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Basketball

Angel Jaramillio Cristo Rey Basketball

Basketball has always been a huge part of my life.

I started playing six years ago and as I got older, I began to put a lot of time and effort in working out and practicing so that I could improve my game. All of this hard work became even more important once I started playing at Detroit Cristo Rey High School. When I made it to the varsity team in my sophomore year, I realized that my teammates and I always had to be looking for ways to get better because we were going up against the best basketball players at schools from around the state.

Luckily, my coach, Brandon Peoples, played a huge role in making sure that my teammates and I are always ready to play and he has been a huge role model for me. He is always there for his student-athletes and he helped me realize that many of the skills we learn on the court are also important in other parts of our lives. As I wrap up my senior year on the team, there are three important life lessons that I have learned through the game of basketball.

Communication Is Key

At every basketball practice we always do drills to help us better our passes and improve our communication with each other on the floor. I think this ability to share information with others is an important lesson because when you are working at a job or new career you must have the ability to interact with others. If we don’t communicate clearly during a game similarly, if you don’t communicate well in other areas of life such as business collaborations your thoughts and ideas won’t be valued or heard.

Angel Jaramillio Cristo Rey BasketballDon’t Just Be on Time, Be Early

Punctuality is very important during basketball season. To get better, you must be present and arrive on time to practices and games. This can be carried with you through life as well. I always strive to be on time for class and work, sometimes even arriving a little early. If I don’t, it starts to feel like I’m falling behind. Just like in basketball, showing up on time for work, school, or anything important can really help you feel prepared and ready to do well.

The Small Things Count

To be successful in basketball, you must be committed to improving all aspects of your game, no matter how small. This takes a lot of responsibility, hard work and discipline. For me, this means that I am always looking for a part of my game that I can practice and strengthen. This also can go for any other aspect of life, like school or a job. By making small improvements on a regular basis, you can make a huge impact on your success in the future.

Basketball is important to me it will always be a part of who I am. The life lessons I have learned from my time on the court will help guide my future goals in the classroom and in my career. These lessons are also examples of the importance of getting involved in activities after school. For me, it was basketball, but for other people it might be art, or music. Whatever your passion is, getting involved in it can help you learn about yourself, other people, and what it takes to be successful in life.

My dream is to keep playing basketball in college while I pursue a degree in business. I’m currently considering a few options and, while I haven’t made a final decision on a school yet, I look forward continuing to learn through the game I love.

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  • Michael Khoury


  • John Callaghan


    This is a very well written account of your life in basketball! I believe you have tremendous leadership qualities, which is why I always expected so much in my PE and Wellness classroom. All the best!

    Mr. Callaghan

  • Edwarda lombi

    Angel, you are a smart young man. These are great life lessons that you mentioned. Just stay focus on your dreams.

  • Sister Rita Rinaldi, IHM


  • Franca Whyte -

    Life is a great opportunity for learning and for realizing ones fullest potentials. The best we can do is proactively try to understand how the world works. Set goals and learn all you can as you set out in the direction of your dreams. Life itself is a Blessing and Lesson, live, grow, make mistakes and learn. Thanks for sharing this nice post with us. Also, I wrote an article on Toxicwap Download, and would appreciate, if you could take the time to check it out with the link below

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