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Monthly Archives: August 2021

People who partner

by: The Skillman Foundation | Aug. 31st, 2021 Those dedicated to solving complex social and systemic issues know: collaboration is king. An individual can spark change, but to make and sustain change takes a movement of many. Collaboration makes it possible—but it doesn’t make it easy. Of these basic steps, each gets harder: agreeing on […]

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Detroit Students Discuss Needs for Upcoming School Year

by: Council of Michigan Foundations | Aug. 30th, 2021 This post was originally published by the Council of Michigan Foundations. View the original post. As school districts across Michigan continue to grapple with how to safely welcome students back to classrooms this fall, a group of Detroit students ─ directly connected to our community of […]

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The Skillman Foundation’s 2021 Mackinac Policy Conference Session

Three children are pictured in black and white with a teal, dark blue, and yellow patterned background. They stand next to a pot filled with coins and a small seedling.

by: The Skillman Foundation | Aug. 24th, 2021 This year’s Skillman Foundation Mackinac Policy Conference session unveiled findings from a poll issued by The Skillman Foundation and Michigan’s Children. The poll finds that Michigan residents expect more investment in children. Across all geographies and demographics, voters expect their dollars to be put to work to […]

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Let’s Talk: School in 2021 & Beyond

by: The Skillman Foundation | Aug. 18th, 2021 Detroit students talk about what’s most important for the future of school. Lamont Satchel, Jr. (class of 2021 Detroit graduate) moderated a conversation with Mathias Neloms (middle school student) and Mosammad Jahan and Willyne Smith (rising seniors), members of our President’s Youth Council. They discussed what’s worked […]

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Detroit Charter Case Studies Summary 2021

by: Every School Day Counts Detroit | Aug. 16th, 2021 In the fall of 2020, Attendance Works and Every School Day Counts Detroit conducted interviews with school leaders from five local public charter schools to document their efforts to sustain school attendance during the Covid-19 pandemic. The schools chosen represented diverse grade levels. Based upon […]

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The Pandemic’s Impact on Kindergarten Enrollment

by: Ammara Ansari | Aug. 5th, 2021 What Does this Fall Hold for Children, Families, and Schools? This blog was co-authored with Walter Cook, a researcher with the Detroit Education Research Partnership at Wayne State University DERP (Detroit Education Research Partnership) at Wayne State University and the Learning and Evaluation team from The Skillman Foundation often […]

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Please stop saying “kids are resilient”

by: Natalie Fotias | Aug. 3rd, 2021 “Kids are resilient.” People usually express this as a prideful proclamation about the strength of the human spirit. I know this is the intention, but nevertheless, it comes across to me as a dismissal of child suffering and the responsibility adults have to protect and guide young people. […]

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