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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Supporting Detroit’s Black-Led Nonprofits

by: Terry Whitfield | Jul. 21st, 2021 At the onset of the pandemic, Detroit’s nonprofit ecosystem stepped up to provide needed resources to children, youth, and families across our community, many doing so without the promise of additional funding support. Their only aim was to make good on the promise they made to serve their […]

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City Programs Educate Children on Nature Conservation and Gardening

by: Christal Phillips | Jul. 13th, 2021 Sustainable food systems did not cross L’Oreal Hawkes-Williams’ mind until she saw a news report on a lettuce recall from E.coli contamination. That news story changed Hawkes-Williams’ life when she realized that she had no control over the food that she was giving her children to eat. “It […]

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