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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Safe Space

by: | Jul. 31st, 2019 This post originally appeared on Our Kids Detroit Students’ Blog. Read the original post here. My first day of high school I ate lunch in the bathroom—or at least I tried to. I walked into the bathroom, sat on the sink, and attempted to eat my cheese sticks while I […]

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Letter: Criticism won’t help fix Michigan education

by: Tonya Allen | Jul. 24th, 2019 This op-ed was co-authored with Doug Rothwell, CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan, and Paula Herbart, president of the Michigan Education Association. It originally appeared in The Detroit News. This month in CNBC’s annual ranking of the Top States for Business, Michigan suffered a dramatic tumble, going from […]

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How Are the Children?

by: The Skillman Foundation | Jul. 15th, 2019 How are the children? This is where we begin, this is where we end. At breakfast, on the bus, in class, after school, finding a part-time job, doing homework, going to sleep. How are the children? Here in Detroit, it’s a hard question. Many of our children’s […]

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