Robert Thornton

Robert Thornton, senior program officer, has been with the Foundation since 2001. He leads the Foundation’s community safety efforts and has provided support for its faith-based, fatherhood and boys of color work. Additionally, Robert coordinated the Foundation’s Good Neighborhoods community change work in the Brightmoor, Chadsey Condon and Cody Rouge neighborhoods.

Prior to joining the Foundation, he spent 13 years at New Detroit Inc. in various leadership positions including community economic development, consensus building, conflict management, race relations, and diversity. A highly effective community organizer, his true passion is demonstrated in his unwavering efforts on behalf of youth and the monumental challenges facing African-American and Latino boys in particular. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Oakland University and his master's degree in educational leadership from Wayne State University. He is a lifelong resident of metropolitan Detroit and serves faithfully as a Deacon at the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church.