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We are currently considering a few activities and projects, however our approach to this will be to stay flexible and able to accommodate true wellness needs. Whatever activities we decide on will value the needs of our students and staff even if it means our initial plans and activities were not what was actually needed.

We would improve the quantity and quality of student care packages. We started creating these during the pandemic and have found student response to be overwhelmingly positive. Having the ability to give these to all of our students would be incredibly beneficial and show that we care about them as people and not just as students in our program.

We would also provide outings for students where they can just be kids. Perhaps it’s a half-day going go-kart racing, going to the riverwalk or Belle Isle together, or even just a small gathering at the office with food and games. These instances provide relief from every-day responsibilities, enhance peer relationships which relate to social emotional development, and help to create fun memories that can be called upon in harder times.

Staff activities could include learning a creative skill together that does not directly relate to our work and a way to practice it. For example, taking a pottery class or a book-binding class. Outings for staff similar to what we provide for students could also be helpful such as a bike tour. Learning more about a local activity or business that staff may not have the time or resources to partake in. And having a regular wellness check-in with the resources to enact staff ideas alone can increase mental wellness. If a staff member finds that they would like to go back to the gym, but can’t afford a membership, being able to provide help for that would be worth much more than the cost of that membership.