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Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Growing Up

While growing up, I’ve learned a lot of lessons that have helped me see how I can become a successful person. The people around me, especially my family, also give me advice on how I can be successful. My dad tells me to never to fall back into bad habits and focus on positive things so those good things will come my way. My mom tells me to hang out with people who are passionate and that want to be successful in life. My sister tells me to think about how something I do now will impact me later in life. They are all right.

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  • John Reilly

    Thanks for the encouragement through your story. Some of us have to be reminded on such simple things as every decision has consequences. Getting enough sleep stuck out to me. Storys are the premier way to reveal truth. I liked your last line” everything will work out”, a reminder of Jesus’ words regaurding worry.

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