Grant Summary

Lawrence Carr, Mekhi Chappell, Markos Segarra
Lawrence Carr, 8, and Mekhi Chappell, 5, grin as Markos Segarra, 7, right, spins his friends on tire swing in Clark Park.


Total number of grants paid: 489 grants
Grants awarded: $16,913,581


Total number of grants paid: 443 grants
Grants awarded: $16,880,159

Community Connection Small Grants*

2012: 83 grants awarded, totaling $213,046

2013: 100 grants awarded, totaling $363,927

* The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations with federal tax-exempt status and revenues greater than $100,000. Through the Community Connections small grants program, the Foundation can provide opportunities beyond these limitations to small organizations and residents working in our six neighborhoods.

To make this possible, we have partnered with Prevention Network, an organization that has managed a statewide small grants program for more than 25 years.