Walmart Foundation gives boost to youth summer employment in Detroit

DETROIT -- The Detroit Youth Employment Consortium received a major funding boost Wednesday, courtesy of the Walmart Foundation.

The $20-million grant initiative announced from the Walmart Foundation supports six nonprofit partners, including $5 million for the Brandeis Center of Youth and Communities at Brandeis University.

The Center will in turn grant work and learning programs that will employ, educate and support inner city youth in seven cities, including Detroit, where $500,000 will go to the Consortium.

Through this program, teenagers will work 150 hours during six weeks doing real work at hundreds of worksites. They’ll earn $1,200 for the summer.

The Detroit Youth Employment Consortium is a private-public partnership, which includes The Skillman Foundation, committed to expanding summer and year-round employment opportunities for resident youth ages 14-18. Its goal is to expand sustainable high-quality youth employment opportunities in the city of Detroit that promote positive youth development.

Click here to see a list of the Consortium partners.

For more information about the youth employment program, contact City Connect at (313) 967-5898 or