The Vote on School Reform Indicators

More than 350 Detroit residents gathered at the Museum of African American History last Saturday, November 16, to discuss and agree on the top 10 indicators that best measure the progress of school reform in Detroit public schools.

From 12 small group discussions, a consensus was built at the end, on the following indicators:

1) Parent and Community Involvement including parent outreach and training
2) Accountability
3) Focus on achievement gap of students
4) Quality of teaching and class size reduction
5) Governance and finance
6) Upgrading classroom technology
7) Equity in resources
8) Improved curriculum and professional development
9) Return right to vote
10) High expectations for academic standards and behavior

To continue to build on this, a telephone number, 1-800-392-2251 was set up in November and early December for all Detroit residents to call in and cast their vote for the list of indicators. For those who preferred to use the internet, they logged on to to cast their votes.