Students "Discovered Themselves" at Comer Kids' Leadership Academy

With an overall theme of "Discovering Yourself," a three-day Leadership Academy for fourth graders in Detroit's 28 Comer Public Schools, helped 60 students learn the components of the Comer Process and apply the principles learned to their lives. Accompanying adults and faculty members also had an opportunity to learn how to use tasks and strategies to support children's learning and development.

Organized with Eastern Michigan University, the Academy weekend included a storytelling session about the Underground Railroad complemented with a Technology Web Quest utilizing the internet to learn more. Code Language Through Quilting was another activity organized around the subject of the Underground Railroad.

Highlighting the weekend was a teleconference with Dr. James Comer, architect of the Comer Process that promotes the collaboration of parents, educators and community to improve the social, emotional and academic outcomes for children. All participants of the Academy had an opportunity to ask Dr. Comer questions about the Comer Schools, the Comer Process and his life.